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Radio Interview of Dany and Flo – Tendance OUEST, Cherbourg 93.4

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! The Girl Who Wore Freedom is making headlines! Dany and Flo were recently interviewed on a French radio show. We are also being featured in Newspapers around France as well as the US!



Americans answer: “What is D-day?” – Las Vegas

Feeling down about heading back to work in the morning? Watch this video and let the laughs carry you through your case of the Mondays. Apparently not EVERYTHING stays in Vegas…


If You Don’t Understand History…

WWII Veteran Robert Weber, 10th Armored Division, on the importance of REMEMBERING. He believes people should donate to this film so these stories and others are not forgotten. Join him in donating to our project so his story and the stories of other brave men and women and the French people that love them are not lost. Bob wouldn’t let us leave without HIS donation… so why should you?


It Took Tom Hanks to Move a Mountain

“He wrote me a nice letter and told me I needed to go.”

Mr. Bradford Freeman, WWII Veteran of Easy Company, 506th PIR, 101st Airborne Division reveals that it took a personal letter from Tom Hanks to get him to go to London for a meeting with the future King of England.

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