On July 24th, 2019 we had our first official focus group screening of The Girl Who Wore Freedom at the Lake Theater in Chicago, IL. This was an incredible milestone and we were glad to have some heartfelt conversations with the veterans and crew who made the film possible.

Here are 6 questions asked during the Q&A portion following the screening:

David Needham, webmaster and social media team member with The Girl Who Wore FreedomDavid Needham

Webmaster/Social Media for The Girl Who Wore Freedom

David is a Developer Advocate for a tech company in San Francisco. He travels to conferences around the world to speak about Drupal, WordPress, and productivity. David has been building websites for churches and nonprofits for 10+ years via “Site Tomorrow” and “Enjoy Creativity”, where he currently serves on the board. David graduated from Bradley University with a BS in Multimedia and is raising a family of bicycle-lovers in Champaign, IL.